Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access?

icats is a managed service so you will need to create an account via the drop-down 'log-in' menu. The scheme administrator will verify your details and you will also need to confirm your email address before you will be granted access.

What are the browser requirements for this site?

The icats website has been designed to run on Internet Explorer (IE 10+ recommended), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers. However we recommend that you use Chrome or the very latest alternative Browser if possible. The site uses either HTML5 or Flash to play multimedia content. Javascript and cookies need to be enabled.

PLEASE NOTE: This site does not support IE6 at all and we strongly advise against using IE7, IE8 or IE9 due to very poor support for emerging web technologies and major security issues - we suggest using a modern browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari or IE 11

We will be dropping support for IE8 and lower in Q1 2017

How are the training units organised?

The icats course has been carefully designed to ensure that you can find your training as easily as possible.

Below outlines the 'flow' of things on the site;

Name Example Description
icats Your Training Home.
course module Protective Coatings Application The name of a particular Course Module.
unit folder 1 - Health and Safety A folder or sub-folder within a course module (see above). Folders are used to organise the training units (see below) into understandable and accessible sections.
unit 1.1 - Company Induction A unit is a single 'portion' of training, which is easily digestible. Each unit consists of;
  • Instructional slideshow with text, images, animations and videos.
  • A selection of 'tools' to help with your training.
  • A printable handout for 'further reading' to advance your knowledge.

How do I commence training?

Simply go to the particular training module, such as unit 1.1 - Company Induction and select a module which has a yellow folder, select the unit and you will be given a drop-down list of all the training units i.e. 1.1, 1.2 etc.

What happens when I select a training unit?

Once you select a training unit, the unit objective will appear on the screen along with the 'Unit Options' and 'Tools' in the sidebar.

What will I find in the presentation slides?

The slide contents vary, but can include Videos, Animations and images as well as accompanying Slide Notes.

How do I move through the presentation?

You can use the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to move from slide to slide.

Alternatively you can use the < and > keys on your keyboard (just above the right shift button) to go forward and back in the same manner.

Can I save the handouts to my hard-drive?

yes, when you open them with Adobe Reader, there is the option to save.

Can I access any of the media in a presentation?

Yes. Within the presentation 'introduction' (or overview/objective) you can click the 'tools' tab to get access.

What are the 'Tools'?

The 'Tools' are handy mini-programs, or widgets that you can use to help your day-to-day life, including (but not limited to);

  • Spread Rates
  • Interactive Coating Breakdown Charts
  • Conversions and Calculators
  • Videos and Animations

Should I complete the units in order?

Preferably yes, however you can complete them in any order you require.

Is the Health & Safety content relevant to my country?

The Health and Safety section relates to UK Regulations, which are considered to be amongst the most stringent. You may find Regulation differ from Country to Country


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